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 Acting for the Camera: For Kids, Teens and Young Adults


Registration for May 20, 2017 is now closed, check back for future workshops!

The 4-hour hands on workshop is designed for the beginning actor who wants to make a career in television, film, or commercials, and/or who would like to transition from stage to screen, but needs to learn basic camera skills. It is also ideal for those actors who have some on-camera experience, but need a refresher course in ever changing on-camera techniques.*

The workshop will cover on-camera training for film, television, and commercials in the following areas: reading from a teleprompter, being camera ready, hitting a mark, learning to differentiate between stage, film and television scripts, and tips for making the best audition online and in-person.

 There will also be an information session for Parents, to help you determine if your child should get an agent, where to find a reputable agency, and how to find the best online resources for auditions.

*Previous acting experience is not required for this workshop

Acting for the Camera is taught by Michael T. Lombardi, an actor, writer, producer, and Emmy nominated director. He is the owner of Michael T Originals, a Connecticut based production company, and creator of the hit family comedy television series Welcome to Grandpaville, and the new comedy series Brooke & Carly, both of which are filmed in the state. Michael will be joined by several members of the Grandpaville cast & crew who will be announced soon. Register online today and delve into the world of acting for film!

Every student who registers for the workshop on May 20 will receive a BONUS DVD of their on-camera performances and practice auditions.

Ages: 10-17

Date: Saturday, May 20 | Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Member Fee: $160

Nonmember Fee: $190