IMPACT: Middle School at the COMO, 3-6 p.m. on regular school days, 12-6 p.m. on half days

Our after-school IMPACT program empowers middle school students to cultivate their futures by providing them with the tools to succeed and grow. The COMO’s environment allows students to explore their academic, social, and physical passions all while having fun with their peers! 

This youth-centered environment inspires our students to build social ties, foster community responsibility, and develop their individual interests. Middle schoolers are encouraged to partake in social time in order to promote respect among their peers and provide flexibility with structure -- a chance to unwind and reflect on their day. The students also participate in a range of organized activities, which engage different skills that have the potential to ripen into lifelong hobbies. In order to execute these activities, our students can access the entire COMO Campus, including the children’s garden and kitchen, our pottery and art studio, our soccer fields, and even our paddle tennis courts! 

Our engaging and qualified staff, joined by COMO Junior Leaders, interact with and mentor these bright young minds. IMPACT is more than just an after-school program, it’s an experience!

Download printable 2018/19 form.

Download the September 2018 Snack Calendar. 

*** Please note: the IMPACT program now has a cell phone. The number to reach IMPACT teachers is 860-287-0346.

Students participating in the COMO’s IMPACT program will receive a 10% discount for all after school STEAM enrichment programs in the COMO’s MakerSpace if the desired program falls on a day in which the students is simultaneously enrolled in IMPACT.

IMPACT students will be dropped off at the MakerSpace by IMPACT teachers when the program begins.


"My two children, now a Stonington High School freshman and a seventh grader at Mystic Middle School, have been enrolled in programs at the COMO beginning with Kinderfun and Summer Camp, through before and after care at both the COMO and Deans Mill School, onto IMPACT in middle school, and both will be part of the Junior Leadership Program this summer. The COMO staff is the one thing that keeps us coming back to the COMO year after year. On some days, my kids have spent more time with their COMO teachers than with me, and it’s crucial for me to know that my children are with qualified individuals that foster a safe environment while still managing to make it fun! There have been times my kids have complained when I pick them up because they are having such a good time and don’t want to leave! The COMO is not your average daycare – they seek out and hire talented, caring people. As a working parent, I don’t know what I would have done without the COMO over the past ten years. Thank you!" -Merilee Paoloni, March 2016 


"School's Out!" full-day care for scheduled school holidays and closings: 

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