COMO Paddle Tennis Clinics


Create-Your-Own Paddle Tennis Clinics & Private Lessons

Our highly experienced paddle pro Nick Raho will teach the basic fundamentals and strategies of this exciting sport as a create-your-own clinic or private lessons for any age. Clinics will include instruction of the basic shots, as well as proper in-game positioning. Each session will conclude with games so that players can practice their skills while playing points. Paddle tennis paddles are in the paddle hut for use. Paddle tennis balls are provided by pros and there are additional in the paddle hut for use. Please contact Nick Raho to schedule at

Four weeks for create your own clinic | private lessons are priced per lesson but can be purchased up to 5 lessons at once. 

Members: $150 for create your own clinic(per person) | Private lessons - $45 for 30 mins | $80 for 60 mins

Non-Member: $180 for create your own clinic | Private lessons only available for members of the COMO