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Dear Preschool Families,

This month you and your preschoolers will be creating colorful butterflies to display in the classroom!

Included is:
1 pipe cleaner
1 coffee filter
1 clothes pin

To make the butterfly use markers to decorate the coffee filter. This will be the wings. Twist the coffee filter in the middle and pin with the clothes pin. This will be the body. Slide the pipe cleaner through the top of the clothes pin and bend upward for the antennae.
Voila! There you have a beautiful butterfly.

We can’t wait to see how they turn out. Have fun!


The COMO Preschool Team

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Monthly Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

Can you believe that it is May already?! With the warmer weather we have spending more time outside. Your preschoolers have been discovering how plants grow in our classroom garden, exploring the spring flowers in our Children’s Garden and exercising our gross motor muscles on the playground. We are looking forward to an exciting month full of exploration and adventure here at the COMO preschool and are especially excited to get plants into the Children’s Garden with the help of the Stonington Garden Club!

With the warmer weather, we wanted to remind families to bring in both sunscreen and bug spray to be used in preschool during the day. Please make sure to completely fill out the attached form and label the sunscreen and bug spray with your child’s name.

Not only will the month be full of outdoor excursions, the class will be diving into the science behind the life cycle of a butterfly and are going to grow their own classroom butterflies! Your preschooler will use scientific inquiry to observe and document the transformation while making outcome predictions throughout the experience.

We have also finished up the alphabet and have been reviewing letters while emphasizing the sounds that each make. Have you noticed your preschooler trying to sound out and/or write words? Many of the preschoolers moving up to Kindergarten have been increasingly more interested in learning to
read—we are thrilled! In the coming weeks we will be taking a
closer look at putting letters and sounds together to make words.

As always feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Warmest Regards, Priscilla

Download the May COMO Preschool Newsletter

Preschool Chefs

Butterfly Nectar Recipe


•    1 Cup Hot Water
•    ¼ Cup Granulated Sugar


•    Dissolve the sugar into the hot water.
•    Dip a clean sponge in to the syrup and place it in with your butterflies or hang it up in the garden!

Butterfly Nectar Recipe

Veggie Pizza Recipe

Homemade Salsa

Egg-Free Blueberry Pancakes

Gardening with children

We love these tips from NAEYC on gardening with your child. Spring is the perfect time of year to involve them in the garden. We're looking forward to tasty harvest!