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Home Connection

Here is our first Preschool/Home Connection. Each month your preschooler will take home the directions to create something special with you!

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The ability to connect with and involve each of our preschool families is so important to us and crucial to your child’s success in the program. Our Preschool/Home Connections are a way for us to help build and encourage relationships between The COMO Preschool team and the families we serve.

This month, we would love for you to work with your little one to draw a picture of your family. We would also like for our preschoolers to bring in a real photo of their families. We will share both pictures with the class and display them to keep families close during our school day.

Let’s try and have them all in by September 28th - we can’t wait to see all the great pictures!

Have fun!

Download a copy of the October 2018 Preschool/Home Connection

Download a copy of our Parents as Partners worksheet.

Monthly Newsletter

The COMO Team and I are thrilled to welcome our 2018/19 class of preschoolers—we can’t wait to greet them on the first day of school!

There are some excellent experiences, events, and activities in store for the upcoming school year and we look forward to having you all along with us.

Our goal is to offer a nurturing, safe and supportive environment in which your preschooler will thrive—providing the tools necessary for them to grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Also crucial to a child’s success in preschool and beyond is the role that families play as our partners. Establishing and maintaining ongoing communication and relationships with our families is so important to us. Please know that we truly feel you are all our most valuable asset in identifying the  individual needs of our preschoolers. We also understand that the start of preschool is a big step for some families and their little ones, so we plan  to do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition between home and our program.

The COMO and myself welcome consistent dialogue with our families and are sensitive to any questions, concerns, thoughts and/or ideas you all may have.

We are so happy that you are a part of the COMO!

Warmest Regards,
Miss Priscilla
Download the October COMO Preschool Newsletter including important dates to remember. 

Meet Mr. Tickles!


We are excited to introduce you to Mr. Tickles – a celebrity at COMO Preschool!

When your preschooler is Leader of the Day, he/she will receive our classroom stuffed pet, Mr. Tickles, to bring home and “babysit” for the night! The next day your preschooler can bring back three items from home to share with the class.

Have fun!