Sandy Point Beach

Avalonia Land Conservancy negotiated a lease with the US Fish & Wildlife Service in 2015. Since then, the US Fish & Wildlife service has provided oversight and management of this special preserve. Their work to enforce rules and regulations throughout the year ensures the safety of visitors and the incredible wildlife that the island plays home to. 

Sandy Point passes may be purchased as stand alone season passes or day passes, or as an add-on to a basic COMO membership. Looking to purchase duBois beach season passes as well? Add an individual or family COMO and duBois beach membership to receive duBois beach season passes at a 50% discount!  

It is important to note that your receipt AND personal ID serve as proof of payment while on Sandy Point. US Fish & Wildlife officers require that each adult visitor provide both when visiting the island. Passes are nontransferable. All youth ages 17 and under are free. Individual adult season passes are $25.00 each and senior passes are $15.00 each. One day only passes cost $10.00 per person.

Purchase season passes online or at the Stonington Community Center, located at 28 Cutler Street, Stonington CT, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm. $5.00 optional processing fee is available for those interested in having a laminated wallet size Sandy Point pass mailed to them. Passes are laminated free of charge with COMO membership purchase.

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