Affectionately nicknamed the COMO by locals, the Stonington Community Center, was established in 1945. The COMO legacy of strengthening community began more than 70 years ago. It is our endeavor to continue this legacy, cultivating our unique COMO culture through laughter, acceptance, fun and learning for our entire community. 

The COMO is a fun place for people to enjoy and it has taught me something... whatever you look like, how you do things, you wouldn’t be made fun of no matter what. The COMO will always be a place you want to come, so come and enjoy! They do projects and treats and over the three years I have come they have made me a better person in ways I can’t explain. So COMO thank you for coming into my life, thank you for making me better, thank you for having fun projects and thank you for your staff and all the good kids. I am thankful and grateful, so thank you for listening to me. Also, you have the biggest hearts ever in the universe...”

— COMO Kid Ava T. (age 9, January 2015)