COMO Celebrates the week of the young child!

During the week of April 8-12, 2019, COMO preschool students participated in this year's Week of the Young Child. This annual celebration, hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), aims to recognize and praise young children, their teachers, families, and communities and to promote high-quality learning as well as the important impact early childhood education has in a child’s development and learning.

Week of the Young Child Themes!

COMO Preschoolers were engaged in exciting activities built into the curriculum through themes supported by NAEYC.

Music Monday was all about expressing themselves and having fun with song! The preschoolers kicked off their celebration with music, movement, and lots of fun! The class participated in a Sing and Play Program with their music teacher, experimented with playing and listening to different types of instruments, and did a lot of dancing. Did you know that participating in musical activities encourages and supports the development of language and early literacy within children? Check out this article published in NAEYC's Young Children titled Patterns of Music: Young Children Learning Mathematics through Beat, Rhythm, and Melody!

Tasty Tuesday found the preschoolers getting creative in the kitchen making homemade salsa, complete with a chip tasting. Preschoolers enjoyed learning about healthy food options and discovered that healthy can still be tasty! Click here for a toolkit from USDA with resources and tips on how to make changes to your family’s meals while maintaining a positive experience for all.

Preschool Salsa Recipe.jpg

Work Together Wednesday brought students together to work collaboratively on various projects; from coloring to building, the day was ultimately about celebrating friendship! Teamwork is a central component in many of our COMO programs including our athletic programs where most of our littlest athletes are learning and experiencing organized sports for the first time. Click here for 5 things to know about grassroots coaching initiative.

Artsy Thursday was full of open-ended art and expression! Check out our digital art gallery and glimpse the masterpieces.


Family Friday was the perfect way to highlight our commitment to family engagement! We love to celebrate our families every day here at COMO! Critical to a child’s success in preschool, and beyond, is the role that families play as partners in their child’s education. Did you know that each month preschoolers bring home an activity or craft from school to complete with their families and bring back to school to share with their teachers and friends. The Preschool/Home Connections are just one way for us to help build and encourage relationships between The COMO Preschool team and the amazing families we serve.