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Hello, current and future preschool parents! Please find copies of the enrollment application, parent handbook and other information regarding policies and procedures below. If you still have a question or need help, don't hesitate to contact us! We're happy to assist. 

Also, please note that the COMO is currently accepting online tuition payments for preschool students.

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To schedule a preschool visit fill out the following form with your information and when you would like to come to the COMO to see us! Our Education Director, Priscilla Rouquayrol, will reach out to schedule a time that will work best for you. You may also reach her directly at 860-535-2476, ext. 102, or

Thank you for considering the Doris Muller Preschool at the COMO. . . We can't wait to meet you!

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“We just loved the Como's preschool program and teachers! My child was engaged and challenged every day and the staff was bar none!”

-Kai Duran, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

”That staff is absolutely amazing. They make the kids (and parents) feel happy, safe and loved. Everyone is always in great spirits, attentive and welcoming. The curriculum is more than I could have asked for. Kids learn the basic intro to school education, plus a wide range of out-side the box, creative, imaginative education. They learn about the world around them and how to look at it, care for it and search for it in other locations. They have become adventurous and eager to show/tell me all they have learned. My kids have been so happy here over the years. I have seen the program grow and blossom into a fantastic community center for all ages. Keep it up!!”

-Molly Evak, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“We absolutely love the Como preschool. Ms Priscilla is amazing. Our son loves her and we love everything about the program. They do an amazing job. They go above and beyond to make you and your children feel comfortable and meet special needs.”

-Katie Field, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“My daughter wakes up excited to come to preschool every day! The genuine feeling of caring and community that the COMO fosters, under the amazing guidance of Priscilla, in unmatched!”

-Jessica Bradley, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“We love the COMO and it really prepared our first child very well for kindergarten. Excited to see the growth with our second son now!”

-COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“Our girls have gone to the como preschool for a total of four wonderful years. We have nothing but the highest praise for this program and for Ms. Priscilla. The teachers have been very nurturing and encouraging to the children. They help the class work together and think creatively. Many thanks for all they have done to prepare these children for the adventures to come.”

-Kristin Lichtenberg, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“We love Como and all it has to offer!! Everyone there is so great with the kids, its all and then-some that you could ever ask for in a pre-school!”

-COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

“Well-run, comprehensive preschool program run by warm, caring staff. Would highly recommend!”

-Erin Janicek, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2019

"Last night, I asked Elliott what he would miss about the COMO this summer and, without skipping a beat, he said 'my teachers.' Then followed by 'my rock in the COMO garden, and watching the flowers and vegetables grow in the COMO garden.' So, thank you again to you and your team for being such great influence on him. Bring on next year."

-Bergin O'Malley, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2016

"The preschool at the Stonington COMO has always been near and dear to my heart not just because that's where our children went but because of the staff there. They've made it a positive experience for our kids, and as parents, that's ultimately what we want for them. The atmosphere has always been one that is nurturing and patient, and as we all well know, patience is definitely required when dealing with small children. The 'changing of the guard' if you will, was more of a challenge for parents than for the children and I think that speaks volumes about the abilities of those employed there now. Wisdom comes with experience and we have only to gain from the group of people that make the Como preschool an enriching, nurturing, and pleasant place to be. I for one am feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to send our children there. Thank you Miss Priscilla, Mrs. Bucko, Mr. Joe, Mr. Justin, and Mr. Alex!"

-Jennifer Taylor, COMO Preschool Parent, February 2015

"As Educational Consultant for the COMO Preschool Program, I regularly observe the program and communicate with staff to provide educational support and feedback.  I am confident in recommending this program to community families who seek a quality preschool program that will prepare their child for success in kindergarten. I feel the strengths of this preschool are as follows:

  • The classroom allows children to interact with one another within learning centers

  • Children are engaged and happy

  • Qualified preschool staff demonstrates commitment to and love for teaching.

  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum uses teaching strategies to encourage children to explore and learn through a variety of hands-on experiences

  • A variety of multi-sensory activities are planned utilizing the COMO facility, staff and community resources

  • Ongoing communication with families promotes center-family partnerships to ensure the best possible learning experience for their children."

-Sam Mandell, Program Coordinator, The Family Resource Center at West Broad Street School, February 2015

"The preschool program at the COMO goes far beyond my expectations.  I have 4 children and have experienced three different programs in different parts of the US and the COMO preschool rates the best out of the three.  My son was in Birth to Three, then transitioned to another local preschool program, but Ms. Priscilla has done wonders for him.  She and her staff, especially Ms. Rachel and Mr. Alex, are amazing with him as well. The interaction with him and myself show they care and they always follow up when I express a concern.  There is an open dialog where we all can make suggestions.  I feel his needs are being met and he will leave here with a positive experience.  I have a younger son and will only register him at the COMO when the time comes for preschool enrollment.  Thank you to Ms. Priscilla, her staff and the COMO for a wonderful program!"

-Marci A. Vinciguerra, COMO Preschool Parent, January 2015

"This program continues to exceed any expectation I may have had. I am confident my daughter will be more than ready to begin Kindergarten next year. I would like to thank the teachers for ensuring a positive experience that created a desire to learn."

-Heidi Drake, COMO Preschool Parent, January 2015

"The COMO Preschool program is a wonderful experience for young children. It introduces them into the learning environment in a relaxed, nurturing and positive manner. My child was very nervous initially but was given a lot of support and encouragement by the excellent staff. Now, going to COMO is the highlight of her day. It has also prepared her for the transition to school. Excellent facility!"

-Maryanne Anderson, COMO Preschool Parent, January 2015

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for a great two years of preschool. Sarah really loved it and looked forward to going everyday and as she would put it, 'I don’t like preschool, I love it!' I feel as though she is well prepared for kindergarten and it was great that you incorporated the specials such as music, art, gym and Spanish into their schedule. I also enjoyed the option to do the five days a week and also extended day when needed, I felt as though this also prepared her for kindergarten and she loved staying for lunch with the teachers and her friends." 

- Bernadette Previty, COMO Preschool Parent, June 2015