COMO tennis courts

Open for 2019 spring tennis season Monday, March 18th!

The COMO campus features four regulation size tennis courts. The courts are high visibility blue courts with DecoTurf surfacing, a multilayered resilient system. DecoTurf provides a cushioned surface to take pressure off of players’ bodies while maintaining the bounce of the game and ease of maintenance.

COMO tennis members, COMO racquet members and contributing members may access the courts via swipe-card entry.

Online court booking available to COMO tennis, COMO racquet and contributing members.

Day passes are also available. Please call the COMO front office (860.535.2476) to learn more about COMO tennis day passes.

Benefits of COMO Tennis/COMO Racquet Membership

Head to our membership page to check out our full tennis membership benefits, including the ability to reserve private court time and book private lessons with our nationally-ranked COMO racquet pros! Already have a COMO membership but looking to change category? We'll prorate the rest of your membership and apply the credit to your new annual membership, so you won't miss a day of access to COMO benefits.

Basic COMO Members will have access to tennis courts on the first Friday of the month (May - September) between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. 

Public court days (no membership necessary): May 24 from 3-6 p.m. & July 19 from 3-6 p.m. Sign up for public court days here.

**New tennis members: Stop by the COMO front office to obtain a tennis key card in order to gain access to the courts.

Tennis Clinics and Lessons

Looking to learn the basics of tennis or to improve your game? We offer adult tennis programs as well as clinics and lessons for youth with coaches and our COMO racquet pros.

Court Time

Already a COMO Tennis/Combine Racquet Member? Book your court time online!

COMO Tennis Court Renovation

In April 2018, thanks to the generous support of over 125 community donors, the COMO renovated its tennis courts to the updated DecoTurf surfacing. The renovation ensures tennis programs for generations to come and to continue to grow the love of the sport! See the incredible transformation below:

Tennis Court Rules

  • Court shoes required; absolutely no dark soles, only white soles

  • No bikes, skateboards or other non-tennis use allowed

  • Do not apply tape or adhesive materials to the surface of the courts — it will permanently damage the court surface

  • Please limit play to 60 minutes for singles; 90 minutes for doubles

  • Please park at the COMO (28 Cutler Street)

  • Please safeguard all items — the COMO is not responsible for any items left or lost

  • Court use is at players’ own risk












Tennis, Combined Racquet and Contributing COMO members should show their COMO tennis access card at Kelley's Pace and they will receive a 10 percent discount on white-soled tennis shoes.