COMO Youth Athletics

The Stonington COMO offers athletic programs for children and their families in the Greater Stonington area.  We have year-round soccer and tennis programs, seasonal basketball programs, field hockey and much more. Space is limited in all programs so sign up today!

Learn more about our year-round karate program.

The COMO is committed to providing a safe environment for our young athletes. Below you will find concussion protocol provided by the Connecticut Recreation & Parks Association, of whom we are a member.

Youth Athletics & Concussions - HB 6722

In the summer of 2014 Elizabeth Mayne of Cheshire Parks and Recreation was appointed to represent CRPA on the State Concussion Taskforce. Elizabeth did a superb job representing park and recreation professionals and their departments during each of the task force meetings and in February 2015 testified before the Committee on Children in opposition to the original version of this bill. While CRPA supported the intent of the bill, to safeguard Connecticut’s children from possible concussions, CRPA could not support the bill as written. The bill would have instituted costly mandates on park and recreation departments by making our departments oversee youth sports leagues’ compliance with the proposed legislation through a concept referred to as “the power of the permit” and in doing so also opened up municipalities to increased liability. Due to these flaws, CRPA was able to meet with and work with the Chairs of the Committee on Children and remove language from what eventually became law due to its incorporation in a budget implementer during special session.

  • The new law took effect July, 1, 2015 but compliance is not required until January 1, 2016.

  • Requires programs that service children ages 7-19 who engage in an athletic activity such as - an organized game or competition against another team or in preparation for a game or competition or who attend an athletic camp or clinic in which the purpose is to train, instruct, or prepare the participant to engage in an organized athletic game or competition - to provide a written or electronic statement on the signs and symptoms of concussions to each athlete and parent/guardian upon registration.

  • The information must be consistent with the most recent CDC information on concussions.

  • The information must include at a minimum: the signs and symptoms, how to obtain proper medical treatment, the nature and risks of concussions (including the dangers of continuing to play after sustaining a concussion), and the proper return to play procedures.

  • The law contains a civil liability waiver if the program operator fails to provide the concussion information to a participant.

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