What is the COMO?

Our Mission

Helping neighbors become friends and helping friends work together, the COMO engages residents, businesses, and community groups in building a strong, vibrant community. 

We offer a unique and wide variety of programming for all ages. From our pottery studio to our sports fields, paddle tennis courts, summer camps, technology classes, and life skills. We also offer several major events throughout the year, such as the Stars Over Stonington Gala and Village Fair. Learn more about our campus and discover what the COMO can offer to you!

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The FISH! Philosophy

A Simple Choice
Inspired by the work of filmmaker John Christensen and “The Big Tuna Ph. D.” Stephen Lundin, the COMO embraces FISH!, an internationally acclaimed model of customer service. The authors’ inspiration for FISH! came from the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Pike Place Fish Market is known for literally throwing fish as they conduct business, laughing, playing and connecting with their customers.

The FISH! Philosophy can apply to both work and home. The four principles are:

Carry a light heart and capture the power of fun. Play is not the opposite of work. Play fosters creativity and problem solving, lightens the mood and is a great antidote to toxic energy.

Make Their Day
Give a little more than is expected of you. Great energy develops form making someone’s day. React to each person as an individual. What simple action or statement would bring a smile to their face?

Be There
Be fully present in all conversations. Listen. Set aside distractions and give your full attention to all with whom you speak. This is the highest form of respect.

Choose Your Attitude
No one, but ourselves, can choose our reactions and attitudes towards daily events and people. The attitude you choose each morning impacts both your day and that of all with whom you interact.