Our COMO Campus

                                 Illustration by local artist Susan Scala. 

                                Illustration by local artist Susan Scala. 

The COMO Campus sprawls across Cutler Street and Main Street in the Stonington Borough

Our Facilities:

Main Building – 28 Cutler Street 860-535-2476
Thrift Shop – 45 Cutler Street 860-535-2476
Pottery Studio – 28 Cutler Street
Annex for Karate, Dance and other activities – 45 Cutler Street
Tennis Courts – 21 Cutler Street
Children’s Garden – Cutler Street
Soccer Fields – Bears and Owens Fields on North Main Street

 We also manage duBois Beach at the Stonington Point and Sandy Point. 

Satellite Site- Deans Mill COMOKids – 860-941-6062
Satellite Site- West Vine Street COMOkids – 860-941-6058