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The COMO is a fun place for people to enjoy and it has taught me something... whatever you look like, how you do things, you wouldn’t be made fun of no matter what. The teachers are nice, no matter what. The teachers are nice, kind, and caring, they are cool and will do anything to make you happy! The kids there are kind and bully free, I will always enjoy the COMO and play nicely... The COMO will always be a place you want to come, so come and enjoy! They do projects and treats and over the three years I have come they have made me a better person in ways I can’t explain. So COMO thank you for coming into my life, thank you for making me better, thank you for having fun projects and thank you for your staff and all the good kids. I am thankful and grateful, so thank you for listening to me. Also, you have the biggest hearts ever in the universe...”
— Testimonial from current COMO Kid Ava T. (Age 9, Jan. 2015)

The Stonington Community Center, Inc. prides itself in offering the most unique and innovative programming for children of all ages. From preschool through middle school, children can grow through the COMO programs with us. We offer before and after school care at the COMO as well as at West Vine Street School, and Deans Mill School. From arts to athletics, we offer children a little bit of everything throughout our programming. Our goal is to provide a safe, diverse, and nurturing environment where school age children develop to their fullest potential. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to maintaining a safe and happy learning environment with a variety of scheduled activities appropriate for all children who attend.

We also offer specialty camps, after school courses, sports leagues and more, to further develop mind, body, and spirit of every child!


COMO credit will be granted, minus a nonrefundable 20% fee, when written notice of withdrawal is submitted two weeks prior to the program start date. A full refund will be granted if a program is canceled by the COMO.